Writer & Director

Lives are upended when a spiraling addict, her quietly composed ex and an unexpected rival become entangled.

Newly unemployed hair stylist Sadie shows all the signs of alcohol addiction, but even after a major breakdown she doesn't feel alarmed. When she meets the love of her teenage life again, deaf cook Luca, she embarks on a mission to win him back. Luca agrees to look after her until she figures things out, despite his plans to leave town for good. Mainly because this will bring him closer to the attractive real estate agent Alexandra, who is in the process of selling the house where Sadie takes cover. Alexandra is charmed by Luca's advances, but being that Sadie is a constant danger to herself, they must hide their mutual infatuation from her. Unfortunately, they need Sadie's help for communication, a dance between American Sign Language and English, and so it's only a matter of time until each of their unspoken secrets comes to light. 

Drama, 90 mins. | in development | request script & budget: mail@ednaluise.com

(poster image: Dion Tavenier)

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