»We all know that we’re changing inside our heads. Quickly. Too quickly. Until recently people were simply people. Now we’re turning into something else. We all feel it. We all know it.« (Obrist, Basar, Coupland, The Extreme Self)

In 2022, 1014 New York presented the exhibition It’s Complicated, Is Possibly Art, showcasing a comprehensive selection of works by Elias Wessel that invert the digital space, playing with the seemingly non-corporeal and magical forces, shaping our experience. The exhibition gives visible, audible, and physical form to the orchestration behind the scenes, and the resulting fragmented nature of language, communication, and identity. Can our perception of reality and ourselves really be trusted?

This film is an inventory of Wessel's artwork with sound compositions by Natalia Kiës and at the same time captures the spirit of 1014 5th Avenue before it undergoes renovation by David Chipperfield Architects.

Voiceover in English by curator Alina Girshovich. Closed captions available.

Documentary, 8 mins. | completed 

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